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  November 19, 2018  

In this non-scientific poll we present you with a head to head comparison between 2 candidates. Select the picture you prefer in that match-up and we will rank each candidate by how they fare against each other. After you make your selection, another pair of candidtates will appear for you to select. You can keep selecting for as long as you like.

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Which Jackie Chan Film Is Better?

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Armour Of God CZ12 / Chinese Zodiac

Which Jackie Chan Film Is Better?
1: Shanghai Noon
2: Police Story 2
3: Mr. Nice Guy
4: First Strike
5: Forbidden Kingdom
6: Armour Of God
7: Police Story
8: CZ12 / Chinese Zodiac
9: The Karate Kid
10: Rush Hour 1, 2, 3
11: The Shinjuku Incident
12: The Legend of Drunken Master
13: Spy Next Door
14: 1911
15: Rumble In The Bronx
16: Super Cop

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